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About Us

Welcome to Adamo Gifts, your one stop shop for inspiration.

Adamo means to fall in love with in latin. Adamo Gifts is a brand that embodies the joy and pleasure of giving that is felt when one gifts to a loved one.  We aim to offer you a variety of the latest, trending products that we are sure you and your loved ones will enjoy. We've put in a lot of time and effort making sure that our products are high quality yet budget friendly.

High-Quality Products

There is nothing worse than ordering or buying products that do not work. We believe that brands should have good products, at affordable prices. This is why Adamo Gifts takes the time to test all of our products to make sure that each product is high-quality.

We avoid offering products that do not work or only work if they are used in a very specific way. Beauty should be simple, so it should not take hours to try to figure out how to use the product.

Giving Back

We at Adamo Gifts are keeping in the spirit of gifting. 5% of all profit is used to buy gifts and necessities as donations for orphanages. Occasionally we will run a sale on certain products of which a certain additional % will be used for giving to charitable causes! Help us help others :) 

Excellent Customer Service

While our prices are low, our customer service is amazing. All of our customers are important to us, so we aim to provide the best customer service possible. Our customer support is open 24/7, and we get back to our customers within just a few hours. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas that you have. We love hearing from you because it helps us to provide you with products and services you need. We're a business run by family and friends, so we always treat our customers the same as we treat ourselves. 

We Are a Cruelty-Free Brand!

We test on ourselves, not our fur babies. Animal testing is very common in the skincare and makeup industries. In the past, animal testing was done to see if ingredients were safe for humans. Today, animal testing is no longer needed as we have better methods to determine if a product is dangerous to humans. Our products are cruelty-free and at the same prices as drugstore brands because we believe in keeping our prices low.

Free Shipping

No one likes to pay for shipping, so we offer free shipping. Period. This is not only in the USA, but it is also worldwide. This is why Adamo Gifts was created. We aim to provide the latest and best in trend products, without the high price tags that other brand charge. Free shipping helps our customers gift with less friction. 

Whether it's a gift for yourself or for loved ones, it's always a pleasure; an overlooked aspect of life. We keep an eye out for the latest trends and innovative products around the world. That is why we have satisfied customers from all around the world that are happy with their purchase. We are thrilled to be with you during this journey and feel overjoyed when our customers are happy!


Adamo Gifts